Getting ready for the future. IPv6 Study

As I write this post I’m completly sure of one thing, it will take years untill we have public IPv6 addresses here in Portugal.

But that doesn’t mean its too early to learn something new. As of today I’ll put my MCSE -> MCITP upgrade on hold for a month or two and really start to study the complexity below IPv6 implementation. I think it’s that time when I feel everything I know about IPs/subnetting etc it’s not enought.. the hunger for knowledge took me away once again 🙂

I’m looking for some book / videocast / simulation whatever mentions IPv6 implementation and main differences (and don’t tell me it’s a 128bit instead of 32bit because that I know 🙂 )

For now I have this options


Year 2007
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9780849385162

Year: 2008
Pages: 556
Editor: Mc Graw-Hill
ISBN: 9780735624467
I tend more to the last one… anyone got more ideas? need them for this weekend..