An open letter to Chris Metzen

Dear Chris Metzen, I’m a World of Warcraft player since the early begginings, Today I still remember ordering 2 copies from Amazon of a new recently launched game called World of Warcraft which I played for like 2 hours on trial account before ordering the game… Yes.. was that fast…


Since then I’ve been through all expansions, TBC,WOTLK and Cataclysm watching and feeling every single change on the class I’ve played.

And now.. some time before a new expansion set to release I’ve came across again to a big change on not mine but all classes of the game…


After getting home from work yesterday, I’ve turned on my PC and suddently had some friends asking me if I was watching the free live stream of blizzcon… I rapidly fired up my browser and started watching… You’re on the stage talking presenting Myst of Pandarian. My first thought? “Damn I have to buy the damn Virtual Ticket I have a feeling this is gonna be awesom… and there I went as as bullet. While I was buying it and struggling with some problems logging back to website again I’ve saw the announcement of the 12month subscription… My though was once again “damn I’m gonna do it also”.


So all this takes me to the reason of this letter. I and so many more original players, and recent ones, are gonna stick with you another year at least. Coming from where I come 12 months is a lot of game time. I’m counting at least with an expansion and 1 patch to it at least..


Tom Chilton talked about wanting to make players feel unique again through the change of talents and the way they work, let me focus something here… You’re insight on the subject surpasses any opinion I, or any common mortal can have on the subject. You’re the ones looking at numbers and to what players do on the game.  Changing the talents mechanics, and I’m not saying they’re better or worse, that’s something that everyone has to see and use for itself and then make a judgment of it and provide it to all of you at Blizzard as a constructive feedback.


But to me the “uniqueless” on WoW is a bit long gone… I remember when I was on my level 60 warrior on Ironforge (don’t worry I’ve opened my eyes and I’m playing Horde now J ) and looking at a guy passing me in a different way than all the others players… “Damn that guy is a Shadow Priest.. wow…” or even looking at a DPS Warrior with full epic items. Back then Priests where meant to Heal, warriors where meant to tank. I’ve had a lot of discussions with my GM (who still plays also as far as I know) about being DPS and not PROT. That change of spec was what make players to me special, that was what made me look at someone and think, all the raid members (40) that raid with him are OK and happy with his choice. Or  even all those 39 others raid members depende on THAT prot warrior THAT guy can’t fail… I was never in the situation of being THAT guy but as I grew up on the game itself I’ve come to realize that the feeling I had was totally gone.


Dual Spec killed all the ideas of being special by talents choices, right now you look at a shadow priest and think: “That guy click’s a button and its holy”or a tank that does more DPS than a low geared party member… I’ve really liked the good old days.


Don’t worry Chris, I wont make this open letter in some kind of begging for the return of old days. I’ve just asking you to be carefull once again with all the choices you’re making to bring back all the old players who quitted.


Pandarian… well Pandas… Pandas are really cute, I mean having a char doing the Ryu/Ken kick.. OMFG I want it so much… I’m really looking forward to this next expansion, I hope the raids and dungeons really can keep up with it, if they can compete with LK HC fight.. Or even the good old Nefarian fight on BWL that at a time I couldn’t really see my char (I was a dwarf so you got to understand that sentence) under the all the other mobs…


All I’m asking is bring back the fun we had back then, bring back the game that wasn’t that focused on getting new players but on providing an richier experience to his players than anyother game on the market.. In my opinion that was what made the subscrition numbers go up in the sky, that was what made you sucesseful.. nothing else.. Wasn’t content, wasn’t pets or mounts that you could buy from AH or a website… Was the experience and fun the players had while playing.. That is what I come here asking you to bring back in Myst of Pandarian….


Just one more thing, can you explain me why everytime I see you on stage I have to remember in a mix of Steve Jobs and Woz back in the days? I mean Steve (RIP) dedication to his projects in life and Woz eternal teenage spirit?



PS: Buff arcane mages ok? Thanks!




A long time World of Warcraft Player….