Again in 2008 R2 vs Win7 + Vmware

Can someone please explain to me why I miss the Hyper-V so much? It sucks to have labs created on my HomeServer with Hyper-V and then realizing I’ll have to use VMware on my laptop…

I would kill for a hyper-v in Windows7…

Why I don’t install R2 on my laptop?

I miss aero and other Win7 eye candy stuff :

2009 is almost over… Let 2010 come in….

I think I’ve never done a blog post about what’s happened over one year…

Maybe this time is the time to start… Let me cover some major topics happening in my life over the current year…

* Certifications This was was a great year in term of getting some certifications, finally ended up MCSE and already took a big step in the path of MCITP: Enterprise Server upgrade (1 exam left).
* Work Experience: Definetly was a awesome year regarding some work done… I think we made a lot of progress regarding our IT infrastructure but there’s a lot to be done.. which will start already on early January with a really intense Sharepoint implementation and servers migrations.
* Personal Life: It’s been one hell of a year… finally bought my first brand new car 😀 (Megane Sport Tourer) and relationship is going better each day that goes by…

So I’ll leave you all with wishes of a Perfect X-mas and that 2010 is as bad as the good parts of 2009 😉

Exchange 2010 Installation Error

While messing up with some Virtual Machines with R2 and Exchange Server 2010 Installation I’ve got this error:

“The start mode for the Net. TCP Port Sharing service must be set to Automatic before Setup can continue”

After some googling I’ve found out that running the following PowerShell Script solved the problem:

Set-Service NetTcpPortSharing -StartupType Automatic

First time I’ve used PowerShell for problem solving.

and.. guess what… Working as Intended


Weekend Project

This weekend I’ll be doing some WSUS and WDS install…

A friend asked me to configure him a server that is able to both deploy Windows Installations and also give the updates on his local network…

My biggest concern is that he still does some Windows XP deployments and I don’t know how really WDS 2008 works with XP..

I might have to google a bit