Build them and they will… sell

I couldn’t let the Apple event pass without posting my own opinions about it.

“Why?” – you might ask!
It’s pretty simple, I believe that we’re on that point of a decade like 23 October 2001 when the first iPod was launched, and much like July 11th 2008 when iPhone was launched all over the world. We’re on that time of a decade that a revolution of technology will occur. I wasn’t on the web when iPod and iPhone was launched but I am now and I want to have something to say for future reference.

iPod introduced a new concept of listening and buying music, yes there were other mp3 players but they all sucked.
iPhone introduced a new concept of portability and touch. yes touch was around by the hands of HTC (former Qtek) and Nokia was giving it a try… But what I think is remarkable it’s not the number of sales iPhone had, it’s the number of devices who from that point started to trying to catch up the easier to use technology and OS (if you want call it that way) that iPhone brought. It just made technology go on warp speed for some time. I don’t really think we would have that much applications on our pocket if it wasn’t for the iPhone and it’s AppStore.

And what about iPad? what can it bring us?

Well I’m no marketing expert, but I sense that Apple realized that there was a business on the “ebook reader” level and they decided to go.

I have an iPhone and I admit sometimes I wish the screen was a little bigger, the speed a little faster. I think Steve Jobs feels the same, but on the opposite of me he can order a bunch of engineers to do a device like that. But is it only me that want’s that? I think not. People who bought iPhone for its technology and what it can actually help each one of us on everyday basis thinks that too. So why dont make a device such that.

iPad is a huge iPod Touch (since it doesn’t have phone specs) but it’s that “huge” that will help him sell.

Can I today find one good use for one? Probably no. But I will. As soon as the first ones are on the stores I’ll check one out, I’ll touch it, I’ll play with it and after 1 month I’ll see what developers came up with it. From now one I can only say if I was going to buy a Kindle, I ain’t anymore, the 499$ price tag on iPad just killed Kindle in my opinion.
I’ve never played with one I must admit but from what I’ve heard I can only say that iPad does that… and… much much much more…

The option of buying a iPad depends on each of us. I know some “anti-apple” see it as a stupid device as a high pricey PDF reader.. I can cope with that… Let’s just give it 2 months on the market, let’s see all the apps available for it.. The ones who can see both sides of a coin will realize they we’re wrong.. the others.. well.. not..

I feel tempted to get one, I know it will be a success but then I feel like with a home fill of Windows Machines I really need to enter another world and start learning something about OS X.

A friend just took the decision to buy a MacBook and I really enjoy it’s beautiful and the OS seems fast…

I’ll take that approach, start thinking and a MacBook for the end of the year and take all the Apple technology at it’s full core and after that… well.. my paycheck sets the rules on that point

Again in 2008 R2 vs Win7 + Vmware

Can someone please explain to me why I miss the Hyper-V so much? It sucks to have labs created on my HomeServer with Hyper-V and then realizing I’ll have to use VMware on my laptop…

I would kill for a hyper-v in Windows7…

Why I don’t install R2 on my laptop?

I miss aero and other Win7 eye candy stuff :

2009 is almost over… Let 2010 come in….

I think I’ve never done a blog post about what’s happened over one year…

Maybe this time is the time to start… Let me cover some major topics happening in my life over the current year…

* Certifications This was was a great year in term of getting some certifications, finally ended up MCSE and already took a big step in the path of MCITP: Enterprise Server upgrade (1 exam left).
* Work Experience: Definetly was a awesome year regarding some work done… I think we made a lot of progress regarding our IT infrastructure but there’s a lot to be done.. which will start already on early January with a really intense Sharepoint implementation and servers migrations.
* Personal Life: It’s been one hell of a year… finally bought my first brand new car 😀 (Megane Sport Tourer) and relationship is going better each day that goes by…

So I’ll leave you all with wishes of a Perfect X-mas and that 2010 is as bad as the good parts of 2009 😉

Exchange 2010 Installation Error

While messing up with some Virtual Machines with R2 and Exchange Server 2010 Installation I’ve got this error:

“The start mode for the Net. TCP Port Sharing service must be set to Automatic before Setup can continue”

After some googling I’ve found out that running the following PowerShell Script solved the problem:

Set-Service NetTcpPortSharing -StartupType Automatic

First time I’ve used PowerShell for problem solving.

and.. guess what… Working as Intended